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WN Dredge Pump

WN Dredge Pumps are new type of dredging sludge pumps, aiming at rivers and seas out of repair, handling big stones, sand and water slurries. WN dredge pump is single-stage single suction cantilever horizontal centrifugal pump with advantages of light weight, good wear-resistance, super dredging performance, perfectly suited for the dredge on the whole construction, high multiple economy benefits, etc.. It throughout meets requirements of the dredger to dredging pumps.

WN Dredge Pump Performence Curve

SG/SGH Dredge Pump

Type SG or SGH dredging gravel pumps are designed for continuously handling the most difficult higher abrasive slurry which contain big solids to be pumped by a common pump. They are suitable for delivering slurry in Mining, explosive sludge in metal melting, dredging in dredger and course of rivers, and other fields. Type GH pumps are of high-head ones, it can work with big pressure and high efficiency.

Construction of this pump is of single casing connected by means of clamp bands and wide wet-passage. The wet -parts are made of Ni-hard and high chromium abrasion-resistance alloys. The discharge direction of pump can be oriented in any direction of 360 degree. This type of pump possesses the advantages of easy installation and operation, good performance of NPSH and abrasion resistance.

Sunbo Pump can offer dredge gravel pumps size from 4" to 18". Capacity from 36-4320 m³/h, Head from 5-80m.

300G-SG Gravel Pump

The 300G-SG Gravel Pump
Max Power: 600KW, Permissible Max. Particle size 241mm. Inlet/Outlet(inch): 14/12

100G-SG Sand Gravel Pump

The 100G-SG Sand Gravel Pump is the smallest gravel pump model.
Max Power: 60KW, Permissible Max. Particle size 83mm. Inlet/Outlet(inch):6/4.

150G-SG Sand Gravel Pump

The 150G-SG Sand Gravel Pump
Max Power: 120KW, Permissible Max. Particle size 127mm. Inlet/Outlet(inch): 8/6.

200G-SGH & 250G-SGH are high pressure dredging gravel pump

The 200G-SGH & 250G-SGH are high pressure dredging gravel pump. The max. pump head can reach 80 meters.

SG(H) Dredging Gravel Pump Performence Curve

Dredge Pump Application

Sunbo Design Dredge Pumps are very popular in Sea Dredging, Marine Services, Constructional Material, Suction Hopper Dredging, Cutter Suction Dredging, Sand gravel processing, Barge Loading, Sand Reclamation, Rivers Dredging, Mining Minerals handling etc.

SG-GH Dredge Pump
GH Dredge Pump
SG Dredge Pump
WN Dredge Pump